Sunday, July 10, 2011

The weird things you think with insomnia

Today I woke up (way to early again) and noticed something - my rear hurts more than my ovaries :)

This leads me to several conclusions:

1) Progesterone in oil - who dreamed up this one?  In all my medical training I have never seen an oil based injection and after this I never want to put sesame oil in my bum unless its going in with some chinese food through my gut first. (but for now as with everything I will do anything asked to make it work)

2) my ovaries are behaving themselves.  Weight is stable.  Belly still poochy but I am peeing which is something that kind of stopped 2 days after ovulation the first time I had OHSS. So far so good.

3) I am manic on prednisone (which is why I can't sleep).  I've been on it before and I remember this feeling of needing to run around and clean everything.  I am normally a certified messie and right now I am channeling my mother who was the biggest neat-nik I have ever seen. (My husband is partially happy because this is the cleanest our house has been in a long time, he is partially unhappy though because I am acting like my mother whom he never met but seeing what I could be like in 20 years)

4) I really want the OHSS to stay at bay so I can have my Day 5 transfer.  I know, I know, yesterday I was completely satisfied with this cycle just knowing we had a successful harvest and I still am.  But is it terrible to be greedy at this stage?  Is it acceptable to be impatient?  I will do whatever they tell me to do. I do trust my RE that she just wants what is best for me and my future children.

5) And on that note I was laying in bed thinking last night at 3 am what a pain in the rear it must be to take care of me.  Don't get me wrong - I am a nice person, compliant and punctual.  I say please and thank you and do what I am told.  But she must be under a decent amount of stress taking care of me.  Just as there has been little privacy throughout my infertility treatment, there will be virtually none when I am an obstetrical patient.  Everyone will see my chart, everyone will see my infertility history and everyone will know who was in charge making those decisions.  Our department is run by perinatologists (high-risk pregnancy docs) who when things go poorly have been known to verbally assault the RE's with "what were you thinking" questions.  (this mostly comes when discussing higher order multiples and how they happened, but when anything goes wrong in an IVF pregnancy from within the department there is scrutiny.)  So if I end up with a high risk pregnancy - I am sure the department chair may not be too pleased.

So I will listen, say please and thank you and do what I am told.  But I will be hoping that we can move forward for a day 5- because I am ready and hopefully one of those embryos will be too.


  1. I am taking the Progesterone in oil, and it really makes my bum hurt! I have OHSS also, but I am hoping if it clears up I can start exercising and it will help the pain. My doc said to take it easy to avoid the OHSS getting too bad. Good luck!

  2. Seriously, that PIO sounds like torture!

    Hope the OHSS stays at bay! And, hope that WHEN you become and OB patient everyone is just able to marvel at your perfect post IVF pregnancy!! :)