Tuesday, July 5, 2011


My estrogen level is 4500. (So much for not wanting to exceed 3000 - and thats after no meds for a couple days).  And the best part is my (previously) normal ovary is 8 cm.  Robusto!

Can I also just say . . . . Nauseating.  No literally I feel like puking.  I went to a BBQ yesterday and managed to eat a few chips and dip, 4 cherry tomatoes, 3 pieces of lettuce, a bite of steak and about 6 strawberries.  Oh and that was the most I've eaten in days.

Today I gave up the ghost - Zofran to the rescue - and boy do I feel better.  I feel like I can even go higher. So bring it on eggies.  My stomach may be weak but I have a helper now.  Please just don't stroke me out or torse my ovaries and I may be okay.



  1. That sounds horribly uncomfortable, but you're right... YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  2. Holy crap!! You can DO it!!!

  3. Holy cow that is a high Estogen level! You are definitely sensitive to that stuff! I'm glad you got a hold of some Zo-friend. I hope you aren't taking too much call right now, I can't imagine! 8cm ovary! Wow! Time to shop for some elastic waist pants!