Saturday, July 23, 2011

I think this may have worked

Sorry for no posts for a couple days - worked a 36 hr followed by date night with the hubbie (its the only night together this week).  Plus I have had MAJOR baby shower crap to get ready.

So today I was planning on testing - I liked everyones advice. But I changed my mind.  The reason I didn't was that I think I know.

I do have a weird positive vibe about me.  As a functioning pessimist, this is an odd feeling.

 In addition . . .

Reasons why I think it worked:
1) I feel like a bloodhound.  For some reason I can smell really well.  I have heard about this happening in pregnancy but certainly not this early.  I actually had a little trouble at work yesterday.
2) I am cramping like a banshee.  I have been for a week.  Again, really not what is supposed to have happened this early, but since I'm not bleeding maybe its okay.
3) throwing a baby shower should be good karma

Reasons why I think I am not pregnant:
1) I am crazy and usually can convince myself of anything
2)  I keep poking myself in the nipple to see if it hurts.  Nope.  Not at all.
3)  Odds are in fact against me
4) Only thing making me nauseated is thinking about the shower.

SO tomorrow is the big day.  Lab draw in the morning.  But no matter what happens - I think I am ready to know and to move forward with my life.   If thats forward to motherhood or a slow motion forward to a FET and then on to motherhood, the end result is the same.  I will get there.  (Theres that positivity again . . .odd!)

If I haven't gotten the call by the time the shower starts tomorrow I'm going to turn off my phone and listen to it later with the hubbie.  For some reason I feel mentally stronger to handle anything right now.

Maybe thats the best reason yet.


  1. I have a good feeling about this :) I hope the shower goes well this afternoon, and you have exciting news to share this evening!!!!

  2. Fingers are crossed that you get great news today!! Can't wait to see your update =)

  3. Oh I so hope this is your time. I've been waiting to hear how this goes. I feel like I'm waiting for a good friend to get their good news! It sounds promising. With both of my pregnancies, i was a blood hound early on. With my daughter I cramped until 14 weeks ( very disconcerting). With my son I cramped until 9 weeks. So it all sounds like a blessing in progress for you. Have fun at the baby shower (you are a super woman!). And let us know what happens. I'll be waiting and incessantly checking your blog!

  4. I hole so much that your instincts are right!!!!! Good luck and good luck with the shower!

  5. Lol... That should be that I "hope" your instincts are right...

  6. I think cramping is a really good sign! Hope the shower goes well and I can't wait to hear your news!

  7. Thinking of you today, and anxious to hear from you!!

  8. I think you are trying to drive us all crazy!

  9. In my experience, it's that odd feeling of happiness that you just can't shake that's the hormonal shift that means it worked. I swear. 70 cycles of trying, it's only when that happiness lingered that it worked. Good Luck.