Sunday, July 3, 2011

I've got huevos!!!

And I am overstimulated.  Great.  Perfect.

Stupid body.  I have so many darn follicles and none are dominant or big enough to grow on their own, and yet, my estrogen levels are too high to keep going.  They have literally stopped my meds.  Fantastic.

Well I guess we shall see if they keep growing or not.  I really am going to be peeved if this whole thing yeilds one good egg that doesn't even take.  With an antral follicle count of 58 and more eggs than they can count I am really hoping they can pull a lot out.  Is that really greedy?  Yes I admit it I want a lot of eggs harvested and I want a lot of embryos to fertilize.  I'm not asking for triplets or anything, but it makes this first run so much less crucial if I've got some more stored in the freezer for next month.

And ideally now that we've deemed it to improbable to do anything other than IVF, it would be nice to have a little freezer stock for down the road.  Yes I know I am feeling a little greedy here but I also feel that something has to go my way.  If nothing else I am younger than the average IVF patient and I should at least have time and eggs on my side.

Unfortunately I just have too many of them to even keep going with the usual treatment.


  1. Drats! Hopefully you get a good bunch of mature healthy eggs that make amazing embryos. No harm in being greedy at this point. Get it all taken care of now and save yourself the mess of multiple IVF's for sure.

    Good luck

  2. Holy Crap! I read this last night before I went to bed and had some seriously crazy dreams about how my ultrasound was going to go this morning! Hopefully those follies will keep growing and you'll end up with bunch of eggs at ER!

  3. That is a lot of eggs!!! Hopefully they can keep growing! At least you know the meds work! Don't feel greedy, you have paid your dues!

  4. Yikes! I'm just catching up and so sorry to hear about the damn sperm antibody diagnosis!! It sucks to have just one more thing...

    I hope you get some good eggs out of ts craziness and are able to have some frosties in reserve after THIS successful run!