Sunday, July 17, 2011

proud of my mouth and my ovary

today I reached a mini-milestone - I can no longer see my left ovary bulging through my skin :)

I'm kind of proud right now. It confirms what I know to be true which is that it is completely adhesed to my anterior abdominal wall, but at least I don't have a huge lump anymore which means that my ovaries are shrinking!  (and I do feel a LOT betrer)

Hoorray for small victories.

Also  - in response to my last post.  Yes she was there again today and yes I kept my big mouth shut.  Also a little proud of myself for that too.


  1. I couldn't have kept quiet...I am proud of you as well!

    I have however, had to keep it shut in professional settings...and it is so hard. The first, second time I kept my mouth shut...but can't say that was the truth on the 3rd time!

  2. So glad to hear the ovary is calming down! And, quite impressed that you didn't say anything!