Monday, July 11, 2011

If you're easily grossed out - just skip this one

So I haven't used many blog abbreviations when I write because I tend to find them confusing.  Don't get me wrong, obgyns have the worst letter lingo ever.  One of my purely theoretical notes could read:

25 y/o G3P2 POD#2 s/p RLTCS/failed VBAC for NRFHT c/b PPH c EBL 2L s/p 2 U PRBC -- which would mean in real language that 2 days ago this poor woman was trying a vaginal birth after cesarean section and baby didn't tolerate the labor so had a repeat cesarean section with a low transverse incision on the uterus and bled out about two liters of blood and got transfused two units of packed red blood cells.

Just as a point you can see where the abbreviations come in handy.  Problem is not even everyone else in the hospital has a clue of what we are saying.  This is partially going away with electronic records but we are still culprits.  Therefore on this blog I tried not to incorporate the work ones or the blog ones for fear of getting them all confused. (I seriously wrote ttc in a patient chart one day and had to go back and correct it because while it makes sense to me it is not "approved" for charting.)

The one abbreviation that most people around the hospital appreciate is FOS.  Stands for full of . . . poop.  While we use this in common language when someone is not quite good at telling the truth - around the hospital the FOS is a little more literal.  I have even seen in on preliminary radiology reads of abdominal x-rays.  "Impression: FOS, Recommendation: bowel movement".

SO anyway today I developed quite a bit more distention and pain.  Question being is this OHSS vs. FOS??  I do not feel swollen elsewhere, my weight is stable and we are planning for a little sono on wednesday anyway to determine if we should transfer.

So I called my nurse because I never called in for OHSS with my first follistim cycle and I promised I would keep them updated this time.  Her advice - do whatever you need to do to get more comfortable otherwise we may not be able to go forward.

I told my husband this and asked if he could stop at the grocery store and pick up some milk of magnesia.  He did the math in his head and realized that transferring now will save us a few thousand dollars and a lot of time - so he came home with miralax, MOM, senna, and enemas.

Oh its going to be a fun night.


  1. You should follow all of that with a shot of prune juice! Good luck!

  2. I so hope that you were able to "clear" it all!!!