Sunday, July 8, 2012


1 year ago today my little girl and all my future children were conceived.

Its a little weird to think of that way.  Most people when they find out that they are pregnant have to count backwards to figure out when they conceived.  (And for some people this makes the difference in trying to figure out their baby is going to look like Larry, Moe or Curly)

Not us.  We knew the hour our kid was conceived.  Nothing left to the imagination.  The nice little embryologist randomly plucked a sperm out of a dish and randomly chose which eggs to put them into.

Its weird to think of all of these chances given the millions of sperm and the unimaginable combination of our genes coupled with the fact that we selected just one of them to grow into our little wonder.    Its a lot of chance that went into it but I have to thank the embryologist for making the choices she did because any other choice and our lives would be completely different.

So anyway I have deemed July 8th as family day.  I think we will celebrate it every year as just a day we spend with each other each year.  Later when the kids are older we will let them in on the secret that it was the day they all were made into embryos.  But for now it is a time to celebrate all that we have.

It is our anniversary of a couple turning into a family.  We are blessed.