Wednesday, July 20, 2011

decisions decisions

Its amazing how little decisions and turns of fate can make your life turn into what it is.

so I'm working on some charting from home tonight, husband is working and I have the TV on in the background so I tune in to Big Brother.  Figured I would watch an episode and see what it is all about - all I have to say is this is the dumbest show ever.

Here's the irony -  I was a semi-finalalist for their first season :)  This was back when I was very young, super cute and the whole reality TV thing was just taking off.  At the time my mother had just died, my grades were not so good, and I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life.  I had seen Survivor and I know myself enough to know that I wasn't going to be eating bugs - so I applied for the show where you sit on your butt in an LA house.  Sounded like a pretty good vacation with cute boys.

Thank god they never took me.  Instead I got a job, figured out my goals, started the premed classes I needed and got my life on track.  If I hadn't missed out on the "opportunity" to be on a reality TV show, I would have probably never gotten into medical school, I wouldn't have met my husband and my life would be completely different.

So fate- maybe you do know a little - and maybe there is a reason why I am not getting the initial opportunity to get pregnant easily.  Maybe its all part of master plan to keep me on a certain path or to do something important in the meantime.  At least thats what I tell myself sometimes.

BTW . . .The producers called me back the next season and asked me to re-apply.  I declined.  That was the point where I realized that I can in fact help fate with some good decisions along the way.


  1. That's awesome....I love how life works sometimes...of course there are times when I hate what life has thrown at me and lots of other people. But wow, amazing how one little choice led you down the path you're on now. Keep helping fate with those good decisions!

  2. How fascinating! I often think about the seemingly little decisions I've made in my life and how they've all brought me to where I am today. I sometimes do think fate had a hand in it -- and that we can definitely help fate along! :)

  3. Really? That's so cool! I have never watched an episode of Big Brother...I does look stupid.