Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm Back

So I'm back - I had an absolutely excellent vacation and thoroughly enjoyed the company of my husband for an entire week.   Life has been so busy we have not had enough time to be together so this was really therapeutic for me.

On another note - on to follistim cycle #6 pending a clears sono tomorrow.  Even though cycle 5 went down in flames it was not nearly as upsetting as the previous one.  I'm not sure if I just expected it to fail because the follicles were on the closed tube side or if I just expect this whole ovulation induction experience to be in vain.  Maybe it was just that I was enjoying vacation with my husband and didn't want it to be ruined by disappointment.  Either way - I am okay this time.

There will be some longer posts later - I am chalk full of things to say from the vacation but right now I need to seek the comfort of my heating pad.


  1. So sorry for the negative cycle. But, glad you had a great vacation.

    Looks like we're both getting "probed" tomorrow. Hope this next follistim cycle is it for both of us!

  2. Can I just say, I LOVE your blog. I too am from a medical (nursing) background receiving treatments from the very doctors I work beside on a daily basis. But I wouldn't go anywhere else because I know how great they are at what they do!
    Your blog is such a great read because it shows me I'm not alone. I set up mine because infertility is so damn common among my friends, but no one really talks about it out loud!
    Hope you don't mind if I stick around and keep reading. Feel free to drop over my way some time (
    All the very best with your fertility journey.
    Sunny x