Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh Flo . . .

If someone had told me that I would be a regular blogger a few years ago I think my initial response would have been "whats a blogger?".  If someone told me at the same time that I would even be keeping a diary, I would have laughed because all my life I hated to write.

And if someone told me that I would be sharing period stories with the collective infertile universe I would have told them they were out of their mind.  I will say at the end of the day that it is really good to talk about something that unnecessarily rules my life.  If its not the bleeding, its the hormones that come in between.

Besides - I literally listen to people day after day talk about their periods . . . so why am I any different.

I can't say mine are actually too terrible . . . believe me that I have seen worse.  But they are on the border of bad and are disruptive to my life.    So I guess that counts for something.

So anyway . . . I was just doing laundry and folding my underwear (yes I am a little neurotic), and I generally pile them into their categories; cute ones, sexy ones I pull out mid-cycle, comfortable ones that I take 30 hour call in, anti-wedgie workout ones and the dreaded hole-laden period uggos).  This made me wonder . . . does everyone have period underwear?

Maybe everybody else has periods that are a little more predictable and give a bit of warning, but being off birth control with PCOS and therefore out of control of any predicted start days has done some bad things for my unmentionables - but I will not mention more than that out of trying not to gross any of you out.

So I was looking at the tattered and torn pile of these little sorry misfits of my closet and thinking that I should really get rid of them . . . but what would I have to wear when the time comes.

That's when I concluded I must put a 10 month stop to these periods.  I must get pregnant if for no other reason than I am just done with this process and cant bear to wear these anymore.  In the meantime, I figure if I can spend the cost of a car on a month worth of IVF . . . I can probably buy some new target undies.  Hopefully they will stay pretty and my belly will just outgrow them instead.


  1. I'm pretty predictable but I have a similar repertoire of "lingerie". Several weeks ago I got ticked off at my situation and tossed out all the ragged stuff and replaced it with new...kind of a dare to the old aunt. I hope we both outgrow what we have!

  2. Ha! I have a very similar collection, and just the other day thought about tossing the old and starting fresh. As I was folding my laundry I couldn't help but think.... "Really? Even my laundry is now mocking my fertility... really??"

  3. I also have the same thing - and have recently tossed the old and bought some new.

  4. Ah, yes. I remember when I thought I'd *never* share this information with anyone! And, now, half the time I have to stop myself from sharing it with everyone I meet!

    As for the underwear -- I don't have them separated as such, but I do have some that I "go to" when AF comes around. Usually more for comfort that anything else. At this point, I also have a stack called "2ww" because it seems that no panty liner (or usually even pad) will protect them from the goo that comes from progesterone suppositores! And that stuff doesn't come out very well!