Sunday, May 29, 2011

Always the bridesmaid

SO I am planning another baby shower.

If you haven't read my previous postings I will just say in short that about 6 months ago I threw a double baby shower.  This was a wonderful event for my two friends and their 2 fetuses, but this was a lesson in self torture.  While most of us in medicine are used to delayed gratification - most of us in OB are a little masochistic.  Well . . . this was an exercise in that.

I swore I wouldn't go to another baby shower until after I had a baby - or was at least pregnant.  And here I am throwing one which is so much more involved.  But, alas there is one friend who I am obligated to throw a party for - and she's preggo and in town for 1 weekend in July.

Dont get me wrong - I am super happy she is pregnant, and thrilled to be throwing her a shower, but from a completely selfish perspective - I just wish the timing was a little better for me.  Its hard every time someone gets pregnant and I don't no matter how happy I am for them because no matter who it is now - I have always been trying longer and had to suffer through more disappointment than they will ever understand.

But its hard to come home to the decorations I bought yesterday because its a daily reminder.  And when I talk to the other people who are excited for the pregnancy and her - well . . .  I just really wish there was something else to talk about.

So I will be a good sport because that is what is expected of me, but I will be tortured the entire time.  This stinks.


  1. Yes planning a baby shower and attending a baby shower are two totally different experiences for an IFer. I know you will persevere but hopefully not at the expense of too much anguish for you. As for attending baby showers...THANK GOD for gift cards and the mail system!! That's what got me through the last three years.

  2. I hope it goes well and that you're able to disconnect from it a bit. I can't imagine how tough that will be.