Monday, May 30, 2011

IF vacation is nice

10 reasons why I am enjoying my infertility vacation:

10.  I haven't broken into spontaneous crying in weeks  (husband sure appreciates this one)

9.  No peeing on sticks

8.  Haven't thrown any money in the gutter lately

7. No probing

6.  I can ride rollercoasters

5.  My calendar looks a lot less busy - no circled cycle day numbers, early morning appointments or scheduled inseminations

4.  I look about 5 years younger (thank you haircut and retin-A)

3.  I dont have to stress to about how my stress is affecting my conception or lack thereof.

2.  I have told my in-laws that we have temporarily stopped trying and that its not just gonna happen on its own.  Hopefully this will cut down the inquires

And the number one reason I am happy to be taking a break. . . .

When asked the question "so are you pregnant yet?"  I can respond that we are taking some time off.  Maybe that will keep them quiet and stop the inquiries for a while.


  1. These are some very good reasons!! I need to keep reading this, too, because I need to remind myself of the GOOD parts of taking a month off. There are many. For instance, I got my hair cut and dyed and didn't think "what will the dye do???" I've been able to use a steroid cream on my eczema without freaking out about what it will do to my body. Yes, these are weird things to focus on, but that's where we have to go!! :)

    Enjoy those roller coasters!!!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration. I have to take at least a month off due to work related travels and was devastated. I will make sure I ride a roller coaster.