Friday, May 20, 2011

my body is wierd

Heres an interesting thing - I don't think I ovulated.

SOOOO many follicles and I don't think I even put out one - Heres why I think this:

1) hyperstim got better really fast - maybe it was just big honking ovary discomfort because it got better within days
2) Aunt flows twin sister came to visit - within a week of cycle cancellation.  Physiologically - this is not really possible  . ..  but leave it to my body to figure out a way to bleed when it is not supposed to.  Either I have the worst leuteal phase defect in the world or I just never got any progesterone out.
3) I'm not eating everything in sight.
4) I just saw a Hallmark commercial and did not shed a tear

Not that it matters from a fertility perspective with my planned time off, but since I have lovely endometrial shedding without a progesterone withdrawal actual period I cant say that I am really going to be at any baseline.  When do I start these birth control pills?  What kind of lining is going to be left?  Can't my body just follow the same darn hormonal rules as everyone elses?

Amazing that this cycle is over and it still continues to frustrate me.

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  1. That really is crazy. I wonder what happened? I truly don't understand why our bodies don't respond the way they should. As a scientist, I want there to be a predictable dose-response curve for everything. Unfortunately, this never seems to work.

    I hope things get figured out soon.