Thursday, May 5, 2011

hormones on the brain

okay seriously, my brain has reverted to the thought process of a 15 yr old boy.

This follistim cycle, with its little increased dosage sure has increased the testosterone in my life.  I couldn't stop thinking about my husband all day - and these were not innocent little thoughts.  Fortunately, he is understanding, and after 2 wk of progestrone grodieness followed by the visit from aunty flow - well  . . .  he was willing to help me out.

(Not only do I think like a teenager, but my acne is about as bad as it was when I was in high school.  Problem is - no retin-a to help me now.  I look terrible - I am wearing high neck shirts in beautiful spring weather. )

its just amazing to me how much the brain is responsive to hormones.  There is no way that male and female brains work the same if my head feels this different with a small boost in my testosterone.  I feel so much smarter when my estrogen levels are up and so much more grumpy and short with people when I am in progesterone land.

I miss the stability of my birth control pills where I could think the same every day, but maybe if I ever do get pregnant - maybe the high level of hormones will make me super smart - or super grumpy or both.  Hmmm... grumpy and brilliant - could be a recipe for disaster.


  1. My husband knows so well what part of my cycle I'm in nowadays by how quickly I suddenly burst into tears. It's crazy, really!

  2. AF came just in time for my birthday and brought me a nice big zit as a present! Ugh! I nominated you for an award. Stop by my blog and check it out when you have chance!