Monday, April 25, 2011

I have not abandoned this!

I am on vacation this week!!!! yippie for me but not so good for this blog because I am reduced to typing with 2 fingers and I am falling to the mercy of autocorrect.

I had an experience this morning that made me happy I wasn't a mom. Got to the airport about an hour and a half early. Security line was so long that the had to pull me out along with the other 6 am flight passengers got pulled to the executive line. Ended up sprinting to get to my gate and get on with the final boarding group asthma wheezing and coughing in all!

I never would have made it if I was pregnant or carrying a baby. So thank you silver lining.

I still don't know if injectable cycle 5 worked or not. I feel pretty good so it's probably a no go. I'm being a good girl this time and not checking until the two wk mark. But it's also so it will not ruin my vacation with the hubbie.

Will post more when a keyboard allows!


  1. Hope your vacation is wonderful!!! You deserve it!!! Enjoy!

  2. PS I left you an award on my page!