Monday, April 11, 2011

further proof that fertiles don't know we exist

There is some benefit to going to an infertility clinic that is only an infertility clinic.  Unfortunately I go to a regular large practice OBGYN clinic that has ovulation induction in the mornings.

So this morning I am waiting for my sono with about 5 other infertiles.  I know this because there are only infertility appointments from 7-8.  Several people are carrying little white bags, some husbands come in and disappear for 10 minutes before joining their wives.  We all know the receptionist by first name and talk to her about her new puppy.  But everybody is quiet.  We don't talk, just sit there and looked pissed off but with the quiet recognition that we are all in the suckage together.

Today I was waiting longer than usual.  (seriously screwed up my entire day but thats besides the point)  So I got to be there as the regular obgyn patients came in for their appointments.  Apparently this was new ob day.  A woman walked in with her partner, clearly excited and asking all sorts of questions. . .  "They're going to do an ultrasound right?  Will my primary care doctor get a letter from this clinic about my pregnancy?  Oh my gosh . . . I can't believe my insurance didn't authorize my new pregnancy visit."

 Then the next woman walks in with what appear to be her 3 year old daughter and her mother.  "See honey, this is where we came when you were in my belly and today we get to see the new baby.  Aren't you excited to see your sister or brother?  Yes you are!"

So for all you new preggers - Please just keep your mouth shut.  Health care providers are required by law to protect your privacy - people should have to keep their voices down no matter where they are if they are around other people.  I'm glad you're excited but don't rub it in - even though you think the world is revolving around your uterus.  Do your part to keep your own privacy.  I really don't want to know - I just want to get probed and leave.

But alas - to them I don't exist.  Thanks.


  1. I so get it. When I went to the Maternal Fetal Specialist to talk about losing my baby some woman ran past me in the parking lot screaming "We're having a baby!!!"

    Well....congratu-freaking-lations while I get to hear one more person say they don't know why my baby died.


  2. way! Where I live our inseminations/IUIs and fertility monitoring are done in the same place where they perform fetal assessment tests/ultrasounds and even abortions...yup. Screwed up I know. So sorry you had to experience such cruelty today. And still can't figure out why IFers just stare at the ground while waiting...we all know "who is who"...wish we could chat openly with each other like we do online?!!

  3. This sums it up;

  4. Ugh. That just sucks. Seriously, people, keep things to your f'ing selves.

  5. AMEN! You said everything that I have wanted to say before. Bless you!!!

    I am so sorry you had to sit through that. Screw that...I hope next time you do not have to wait with 'the others'.

  6. The worst was at the RE office and a newly pregnant couple just had their first ultrasound..."oooohhhh!!! It's soooooo cuuuuuute!!!! We can use this on the Christmas card!" ok I know these people had to have suffered some sort of IF or they wouldn't be at an RE office....oh and the baby would already be born before Christmas cards go out...but go ahead and use the us pic of a bean on your Christmas card!

    Yes I agree some people should keep their mouths shut, and I hope if I'm ever successful in this IF endeavor, I will be mindful and keep my mouth shut....