Thursday, April 14, 2011

even further proof that fertiles don't know we exist

So I went in for the insemination yesterday at an odd time.  We went when my husband got off work, and when you work 36 hr in a row that can screw up an insemination schedule - instead of the usual 8am IUIs, this was 2pm.  

Yes I had to wake up at 2 in the morning on tuesday to shoot up the ovidrel for a 2pm insemination

Yes the team came in for me at 2 pm when they only usually work in the mornings and Yes I am very thankful to them.

But as a side effect to the odd timing I got to wait in the waiting room during the midwife clinic.  Boy was that fun.

pregnant woman: "Excuse me . . . is that the blah blah blah diaper bag?"
postpartum woman: "well yes it is"
preggo: "oh my goodness - do you mind if I take a look inside? . .. wow its so wonderful"

preggo numero dos: "your baby is so cute"
grandmother: "oh thank you"
preggo #2: (baby talk insues and then preggo #3 gets in on it too)

receptionist: I'm sorry I don't see you in our system
rude preggo" well thats because I changed my name"
receptionist "Can you please go down the hall to get that changed with registration"
exceptionally rude preggo "I already did the last time I was here"
receptionist "well I don' think it went through so I am afraid I am going to have to ask you to go try again"
really rude preggo: "don't they know who they are dealing with?  I am full of hormones right now and going to get angry"

You wanna talk about full of hormones ... yup thats me.  And if only I didn't work there and could have potentially be delivering this woman's baby in the near future, I would have layed into her like hot knife into butter.  There is no excuse to be rude to the receptionist - She is a nice woman who is jut doing her job.  But I refrained. 

I was so happy when they finally called my name to get out of that waiting room.

Unfortunately of course I was being led into a room and I almost ran into one of the perinatologists.  He looked at me, recognized me and hurried out of the way like he wasn't supposed to see me . . .why?  Because what ever reason would I have to be a patient during the midwife clinic.  
The rumor about me being pregnant will spread before I even am.

thats okay - will all be worth it when I pee on a positive stick - and at least everyone else will know before I do.


  1. Stupid fertiles just don't get it...they haven't seen hormone rage until they're jacked full of hormones and NOT preggers....

    I can't believe you are a patient in your own office...I'm worried about delivering at my hospital if I really end up pregnant and my coworkers seeing me in all my are a brave strong woman!!! Hope this cycle is the one for you!!!

  2. Ah, the joys of working where you are receiving treatment. I was a resident at the hospital where we get our treatments and a very nice, though slightly nose, mentor saw me in the hall with our donor one day and asked what we were doing there. Luckily, he retracted the question as soon as it came out of his mouth, leaving us off the hook to answer it.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for your BFP. Sometimes rumors are true, you know.