Friday, April 15, 2011

oh Martha . . .

One of the thins I do as a distraction is crafting.  You name it - I try to make it.

I have always had a little bit of a love/hate relationship with Martha Stewart.  On one side - I want to be her.  I can think of nothing better than living my life being an expert at everything for the home and sharing it with the world.  On the other hand though I find many of her recipes overly tedious and directions for crafting unnecessarily difficult.  (And I am someone who knows a thing or two about cooking already.)

As part of my personal therapy sessions though I spend a little time with the Martha Stewart show several times a week.  Except for the occasional craft for a baby or the "baby shower show" - (which I just outright deleted), she is remarkably devoid of pregnancy and babies.

That was . . . until her grandchild was born.  Apparently she has found her new inspiration and feels that she needs to mention it on each show  UUUUghhhh.  So much for my lack of baby time.

Thats okay. . . Nate Birkus - you are my new TiVO friend


  1. Don't you just love Nate....

    Kudos to you...I'm not even remotely crafty. I try, but things just never turn out the way they're supposed to and I'm OCD enough to take it apart and try again 10 times before I burn the project.

  2. How frustrating. I hate when people become so baby obsessed that they lose the rest of themselves!!! (Of course, I suppose the same could be said of me and IF...)