Thursday, April 7, 2011

The joys of estrogen

Seriously I have got a lot of hormones going on.

This is the time in the cycle where I actually feel good!  Sure I have twinges of pain, but I am not a crazy person for once and physically I feel close to normal - even the depression seems to have started to lift.   Some people say that progesterone gives them a sense of well being  - not me . . . hate it because I am a basket case and I cry too much.  Its the time when I have my follicles producing so much estrogen that I actually feel normal, plus my shirts look good.

This makes me realize a few thing about my future:

1) PCOS gives me lots of unopposed estrogen - which is why I characterize this as "normal".  This could be dangerous long term if I keep my uterus (endometrial hyperplasia and cancer and such) . . . but after I'm done with it . . . cest la vie. (crystal ball says hysterectomy is in my 40's)

2) This also makes me realize - menopause will suck.  I don't think I will deal with it well - especially since I am not dealing with this very well. (but I guess I will get a trial of that when I hit IVF-land.)

3) I will have a great rack when I finally get pregnant.

Tomorrow I get to see how many follicles are really putting out this much estrogen.  Lets hope not too many!


  1. Good luck this cycle IG...glad to read you are feeling well. I also think I have a clue what menopause will be like given the IVF FET prep I did last fall...and it won't be fun. Who knew hormones were so powerful? Well maybe you knew but I sure did not give them much credit.

  2. Hoping for just the right amount of eggs and a great rack to come with pregnancy soon.

  3. Wishing you lots of luck with your scan! I hope the estrogen is there for a great reason but just a few very strong follicles!!!