Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kate Spade

I just injected myself with Kate Spade strappy sandals.  Believe me they were difficult to powder up, reconstitute and get into the syringe - but I fit it all in in only 3 pokes.

I am not someone who owns many designer things.  All my purses and most of my shoes come from a little french store down the road named Target'.  My most expensive shoes are made by Dansko (medical clogs) and Saucony (best running shoes ever).  But when I got married there were this very cute pair of Kate Spades that I coveted.  Everyone said - go ahead and get them - you only get married once, but I just could not justify spending that much on shoes.  We were doing it all on a budget and I felt really good that I got my dress through a breast cancer charity, but I couldn't spend hundreds on one pair of shoes - no matter how cute they were.

So anyway - I added up today the meds I am injecting into myself and realized that they are the cost of the shoes.  Im not sure if this makes me sad that I don't have the shoes in my closet or happy I never bought them so I would have the money for the injections.  Either way I am going swimming today and I will wear a bikini and be proud of those little bruises because they are very fashionable.

I have had my eye on a coach bag for a while - I think I'll inject that over the next 2 days!

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  1. Yeah, I've reached a point where any expense gets measured in IF dollars -- That $200 electronic thingy? That's an ultrasound and E2 measurement. That trip to LA? That's an FSH cartridge (or two or three).

    I like the idea of thinking of them as luxury goods, though! Then I feel like I'm treating myself!! :)

    It is time to show of your luxury goods!! :)