Wednesday, June 8, 2011

OGTT - the diabetes Oh Gosh Truth-be-known Test

Today I embarked on the PCOS right of passage known as the 2 hour glucose tolerance test.  I've actually never had one before even though I suspected that I would be a little insulin resistant.  I'm on the thinner side for a woman with PCOS but I figured the family history was going to hit me in the end.  I have always watched my weight and how much carbs I am eating in any one meal, but I never had it really tested out.

At my IVF intake my RE doc asked me if I was in insulin resistant.  I looked at her with a dumb expression.

Conversation went something like this:

RE: you mean to tell me you've never had a gtt?

me: um . . . nope

RE: Why not?

me: well my primary just wanted to do a fasting and and a1c which were both normal, but ..

RE: I certainly hope you order them on your pcos patients

me: Well I do but...

RE: take a week off your metformin and try to get it done before we get going.

SO anyway - today I went.  The amount of complaining and moaning that I have heard over the years about 1 hr and 3 hr gtts you would think that they were the most vomit inducing terrible experiences of anyones life.  I'm here to say now - really not bad, actually not bad at all.   I do look a little like a heroin addict with track marks but seriously just a sweet drink and 3 little pokes.

Thankfully - it was normal which means my fingers wont be pricked in the first trimester and that I can stop my metformin earlier if I want to.  I celebrated with potatoes for a snack and mac and cheese for dinner (it was a lean cuisine so not full fat . . .but I almost never eat carbs alone!) I am just really blessed that I am not diabetic (yet).  I am sure I will be at some point but for now I am just going to enjoy one less thing to worry about.

And with that I will keep taking my metformin and my birth control pills.


  1. Just diagnosed with PCOS myself and starting Metformin today. I have so many questions about it, but I feel like every time I go out and read about it, I just freak myself out. Is this a med I will be taking forever now? Does this mean I am pre-diabetic and at risk of developing diabetes? Do I need to drastically change my eating habits - stop eating sugar and carbs altogether? Does the "don't drink with this med" label mean that I can really never have another drink again? So confused! Not sure which is better - to become ultra informed or to just wait it out and listen to your doc.

    (I also have only had the fasting test.)

    Best of luck with your cycle! I"ll be following!

  2. This worries me because I've been on metformin a year and never had a GTT either. Just the fasting blood tests, which were normal. I wonder if I should ask my RE about it.

  3. ... hmmm, I've never had a GTT either. I've had the a fasting twice since August- one before metformin and one after. I'm glad you survived- here's to IVF!

  4. Woohoo for passing! Great that the GTT wasn't so bad. And, great that you are so vigilant about your diet as it is.