Wednesday, June 22, 2011

oh flo? where'd ya go?

I can't say that I have ever actually been as excited to see my period as I am now.  My period has been such a sign of failure for so long.  And when I know I failed because of the pee sticks its the insult after the injury.

Today however I actually want it to happen.  This is the only thing holding me up at this point - I have taken the requisite time off and am ready to go with this IVF thing - so really can I please get a period already?

Its been days since stopping the pills - seriously hoping it comes soon so I don't have to delay starting this cycle.  So come on uterus - get your cramps on and get yourself thinned out, cuz you got a job to do.


  1. Come on AF, do your thing already!

  2. I think EVERY IFer has a late period before their IVF cycle...sooo annoying I know!

  3. JUST wrote a blog with exactly the same sentiments! Best wishes xx

  4. Yeah, why is that bitch only ever there when you DON'T want her to be!! C'mon flo!!