Thursday, June 23, 2011

bring your own . . .

I am allergic to ultrasound gel.  Kind of a stupid allergy I know.  But after years of exposure gooping it onto people's bellies - my hands swill and get all itchy after I do an ultrasound.

At this point at work I wear gloves to do an abdominal ultrasound which seems to save me, but then came the infertility and me being the regular recipient of vaginal ultrasounds.  Trust me, it is insanely inappropriate to be walking around and itching where I have been exposed.

At my ovulation induction clinic I did okay.  I would literally prep the ultrasound probe myself and find the surgilube in the cabinet and use it instead.  (I do have the training after all.)  I also had my RE trained not to add any extra and we had a good little pattern going on.

So the new IVF clinic must think I am a mad woman.  They stand there with the probe in their hand and look at me dumbfounded, like I have asked them to do something sooooo special.  Turns out they don't have surgilube.  I am seriously spending fifteen thousand dollars and they cant even provide a $1 tube of lube.

So I stopped at the store today and tomorrow is B.Y.O.L.  - maybe they will give me a discount.  I can hopefully negotiate my price down to 14,999.00.  

Yep, that sounds more reasonable.


  1. That's awesome....I can't believe they don't have an alternative. I have a latex allergy and my OB always has to ask and grumbles because he hates the vinyl sheaths. He has asked me before to buy latex free condoms to bring to the office for transvaginal ultrasounds. I'm really hoping I'm past the transvaginal and we can move onto abdominal....I'm 14 weeks after all :)

    And I totally think you should renegotiate the cost...younger providing yourmown lube after all!!!

  2. That is an unfortunate allergy to have. And who doesn't have surgilube? Seriously! Good luck on your cycle. I'm hoping for a sweet, sweet baby for you :)

  3.'s not bad enough that you have to endure vaginal ultrasounds on a near constant basis, but to be allergic to the lube?! Good gravy! I wish you all the luck on this cycle.