Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ugly Babies

Okay - this is kind of mean but . . . I take great joy in ugly babies.  Yes they are kind of few and far in between especially with my ovarian alarm clock going off - but alas they are satisfying.

First of all - most newborns - not so cute.  Usually scrawny, eyes not open, head in a cone shape.  Thank goodness for that because if I had to work with a bunch of smiling laughing 3-6 month olds every time I took call I don't I could get through it.

But the ones that make me smile are the facebook photos - you know the few pictures that people post of their kids that they have already self selected as the best of the best.  And still - just bad.  Don't get me wrong - Its such a weird sensation to look at an infant and say "oooohhhh" in that "im totally grossed out way" but there sure are some unattractive kids out there.  Funny enough they usually belong to the super attractive couples the ones with a million pictures of them in bikinis at their last trip to the beach - but now they only put up about 3 pictures of junior.   Yup - they get it . . . their kid missed out on their genes.  I just appreciate them because there are no hurting ovaries when I look at those and no insane jealousy - just a little internal chuckle.

Now because I have made fun of ugly kids that cant defend for themselves I am sure I will have the ugliest of children - but thats okay - they will at least look like they belong to me.  Seriously though - my husband and I are so hairy I fully expect them to look like Cousin IT - and ya know what . . . I will be fine with that.


  1. I have always joked with my husband that our children will either look like Shaun White, or Carrot top. I have super curly hair and what I have deemed "horse teeth", while he had really red hair as a child. Oh, how I'm crossing my fingers for Shaun White! But to be truthful, at this point they could look like and honest to goodness "ginger" and I would be completely ok with it.

  2. I love your humor through all this.

    I try hard to make sure I am still laughing cause infertility can sure suck out the funny in your life.

    Glad I found your blog and I'll be following. Enjoy your break and good luck on your upcoming IVF.

  3. I completely agree:) I don't think just newborns are unattractive, though, I have also seen many pictures of outright ugly babies one facebook. I have also seen many pictures of heart meltingly cute and beautiful babies. I just hope being so darn judgmental doesn't make me destined to have unattractive child(ren) should I ever reach that stage!

  4. Lol, reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where they go to visit a new baby and it is so ugly... they just can't lie and say it's cute so they keep saying the baby is "breathtaking".