Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SIS = "sister - I got a good hyster"

I want to pull a Julie Andrews and run to the top of a mountain and scream the words "I HAVE A NORMAL CAVITY".  Its seriously the first thing I've had in a while with some positive results.  Hoorah for that.  As much as I may have hesitations recently, perhaps the last thing I wanted to be doing was waiting months and months to get in to the OR to have some fibroid or polyp removed so I could have problems with my lining and healing and such.  BIG sigh of relief - I finally exhaled after a week of holding my breath.

(on a side note . . . I will say though that if I had continued with my training I could be the one making $720 in 10 minutes instead of the one forking it over to tell me this info.)

What isn't normal however - my stomach.  I am on a combo of completely nauseating medications - birth control pills, metformin and doxycycline with a pink prenatal vitamin cherry on top.  Its kind of like having morning sickness for all the wrong reasons.  Carbs are about the only things going down, and not much of them.  Seriously, for dinner I am eating a banana and stale rice krispies - its disgusting, but about all that sounds decent.

I have a party to go to this weekend and I may in fact look fabulous because of how much weight I have dropped in the past couple weeks.  I may also look a little green in the face - but at least that can be covered with blush.  I'm almost to my wedding weight - if I keep going maybe I can be 18 again.

Funny enough, all the thoughts of looking young though don't really matter to me when facing infertility.    I am only the age of my ovaries and I would trade a couple extra years in wrinkles for a few less on the biological clock.  Oh well.  My ovaries may be aging, but . . . at least today my uterus looks good.


  1. Yippee!!! So glad you ute is excellent....it really is the little things that keep the hope flowing...little positives along the way!!! Hope you feel better soon and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Yay for a good hyster!! Ick for the poor stomach, though. :( That kind of sucks.

    And, yeah, it's funny, I never thought I even looked old until I started to feel reproductively old. Now I look in the mirror and feel like my outsides are starting to reflect my insides.