Tuesday, March 1, 2011

more insult to injury

I work in a large group practice and every woman physician has children except 3 of us.  One has dogs and is vocal about not wanting any kids, the second is recently married (and none of my business for what her plans are) and then there is me.  Most of my partners are actually done with their childbearing as evidenced by their giving all their baby hand me downs to one of my work friends.

So anyway today I went to a staff meeting, one of the points brought up - the length of maternity leave and how it is unlikely that they will be able to support this much longer.  My job gives a very nice 3 month maternity leave.  6 wk as customary they have you work on a project at home for the next 6 weeks.  This has always been a great asset to my job, and one of their selling points.  (and something that I would enjoy immensely)

With this demographic however, I realize that I may be the only one affected by this, which I just find unfair.  Trust me that I tried to be pregnant already and if I had been as lucky as everyone else I would already have delivered and taken my 3 months.  But nope, not in the cards for me, and now apparently half of my maternity/adoption time is out now before I even got a chance to get pregnant.



  1. Well, that's really annoying. Especially when it is something that you were told would happen and now, suddenly, you're the only one it WON'T happen for. I'd fight for it if I were you. (Well, that's not true. I suck at fighting but I would WANT to fight!!!)

  2. Is there any way that you can talk to the administrator and request that you be grandfathered into the existing policy? Especially if this was a selling point in taking the position; it sounds a bit like "well, most everyone that is going to have a baby has had one, so let's get rid of this policy."

  3. well that just stinks! is their any way to argue that you were promised it when you were hired and you want it and really I don't understand their argument because how can they not" afford to keep this up" when they have all reaped it's benefit and there are many of you left to take advantage.

  4. I went short on your blog title....what an irony lately. My mother is an OB, and a reputed one at that. I think my status is a bit mocking.

    We are all Darwinian failures of some sort...some more capable failures than others.

    To be the only one yet to start a family when everybody is finished with it...yessir, I know that feeling.