Friday, March 11, 2011

10 infertility-related things I am thankful for this week

One egg, successfully out.

I am taking back to back calls tomorrow, and the second one is extra pay!  (IVF fund is growing)

My Walgreens pharmacists.  I'm seriously not kidding about this . . . there are about 4 of them that work at my local Walgreens and they are the nicest people ever.  I swear they have spent as much time on the phone with my insurance company as I have and by now they know me when I call.  One of the pharmacists today leaned over the counter and in a hushed voice and said: "do you mind if I ask how its going?"  So nice.  He didn't say "are you pregnant yet?" like everyone else, but rather a check in if a) I minded and b) how I was really doing.  One of the other pharmacists there has a 6 month old through IVF, and he always cheers me on when he sees me.  After all the crappy systems/insurance/clinic problems I have had, this is the one part that has always worked in my favor.

My gas-efficient vehicle.  Gas prices are terrible and I am doing way too much driving with all the trips to clinic that is way too far away from my job.

My boss (a.k.a. best boss ever).  He asked me to assist on his surgery Tuesday morning - this was of course before I had "plans".  There is nothing more offensive to surgeons than showing up late for the operating room - it is just the absolute 'no no' in our field.  The night before I emailed  him telling him that I would be late because of the IUI.  His response:  "Don't worry about it . . . take your time".  A little thing that is such a relief.

My feet.  They appear a bit sunburned, but no blisters, the skin is still on and I wore shoes today.

My iphone.  Just got it last week and loving it.  I have officially uploaded all my cycle info and now have it at the touch of a button!  Next up - scanning infertility receipts with the camera.

As always, the husband.  This week for providing his genetic material at 5 am working 30 hr straight without sleep and then providing again.  Sorry, that may be TMI but its actually a remarkable amount of stamina.

My progesterone craving this week is salad.  So much easier to watch the calories when all you want to eat is leaves.

and finally . . .

Regardless of outcome, I don't have to bet probed or injected for about 2 weeks.


  1. We loved our pharmacist team here too...make all the difference. Good luck!!

  2. This really is all very awesome!!

    That pharmacist is great. As is your boss! And your husband! And, of course, YOU! :)