Wednesday, March 30, 2011

doctors day

Today is doctors day.  Nurses, respiratory techs, emergency medical workers all get weeks to celebrate their work and the hospital throws a little shindig with food and awards - we get a day and an email from the CEO.  Social workers actually get the entire month of March and pharmacists get October.  Once the hospital gave us a plastic mug - but those were better economic times.  I did get an email from one of the administrators that works in our billing department wishing me a good day.  (must remember secretaries day this year . . . hey I guess they get a day too).  I looked it up.  Doctors day isn't even listed on holiday websites that celebrate this thing . . . nope today is national "take a walk in the park" day.

Anyway, I skipped out on work this afternoon.  I wish I could say it was to celebrate doctors day or to do something fun, but it was actually because I felt too terrible to go after dragging myself to my morning clinic.   (took me 5hr to go to sleep last night with the throbbing pain of a stimulated mass - I should have said the words "I'll wait a cycle" but now I feel committed).  It was administrative/educational time anyway, but I always hate missing our conferences and I hate falling behind on admin work.  And I am still in pain and grumpy so I am pretty sure nobody would have wanted to deal with me anyway.

I sometimes wish I had one of those jobs where someone could just fill in for me.  The same way our young fun labor and delivery nurses call in sick the next day because of a few too many the night before - I wish I could just call in sometimes and say I'm not coming and just go shopping instead.  Problem is that there is nobody else to do my work.  Sure someone could find another gynecologist but I am the one to make the phone calls to my patients as follow up and if I cancel a clinic thats someone who just had to rearrange their life.  (Actually some administrative help at work would be nice, but there are hiring freezes and such so I spend hours every week doing things someone with their GED could probably do.)

So as frustrating as work has been lately I am coping and the afternoon helped me catch up on health so I am glad I had the opportunity to rest so I can do it all again tomorrow.  Happy doctors day to all you doctors out there, and happy "take a walk in the park day" to everyone else.  And if any of you can take a day off tomorrow for no reason please do so and celebrate for me.


  1. We have all those allied health days an weeks too but no one has ever mentioned Doctors day and I'm sure they never will!

    Happy Doctors day glad you had a good afternoon.

  2. Happy doctor day to you too.... we don't even acknowledge doctors day here in Australia ! So no emails, afternoon teas, BBQs or other acknowledgements for us here. We just get semi-abusive emails from medical admin telling us every few weeks that we don't discharge enough patients and so don't have good "flow" through the hospital !! Hope your day gets better xoxo

  3. I'm sorry there isn't more recognition for all that Drs do for their day to be a bit more prominent. Happy belated Doctors day!

  4. Happy Doctor's Day!! And, you're right, there really should be some real recognition. I'm not sure what we'd actually do without doctors.

    I, too, wish I had the kind of job where I could just disappear sometimes. Admittedly, I have a lot more flexibility than you do, but it is virtually impossible to get someone to "fill in" for classes, etc. and it is unfair to all to just cancel them. Of course, part of the problem here is that we're just too responsible!!