Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So I have a hemorrhagic corpus luteum from the last cycle.  Of course they are always a little hemorrhagic but this one is pretty decent sized and also pretty painful (and easily palpable).  I had the choice to wait a cycle or power though . . .I think you can all guess what the type A writing this decided to do.

Risks were described to me as more pain from the cycle and possibly a slightly higher failure rate with the cycle.  My response - I already have a high failure rate by history and physical pain may be a good distracting substitution for the other omni-present pain type.

So here we go again . . this time with more pain and more failure.  Well at least I am allowed to be pessimistic from the get-go this time.

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  1. Major OUCH!!! I've had those and it really hurts. I know I wouldn't have been able to "hold off" if given the option, either. I hope you overcome the odds. I'm sorry for the pain, though!!!!! ((hugs))