Thursday, March 10, 2011

infertility is hazardous to your heath

So I'm sitting there getting my chi fixed with needles today and every week they put a heat lamp to keep my feet warm.  According to my Eastern Medicine Practitioner, keeping the feet warm is important to keeping the uterus as good environment.  The heat lamp usually feels very nice and the treatment is quite relaxing.  So relaxing however that today I happened to fall asleep.

Yup - burned both feet.   Big bright red half circle on each one.

Hope that sends a message to my chi that I am in fact serious about this cycle.  I'm so serious I will be walking around in slippers.


  1. Ouch!!!! Well, that sucks. I hope your uterus knows what you're putting yourself through for it!

  2. Serious??!! Wow...I bet your practitioner was a little embarrassed! Ouch!!

  3. Well, it that doesn't say, "Listen up, Uterus!" I don't know what does!

  4. Whoa! Everyone stand back... you are not playing around this cycle! :-)

    That's really interesting about the foot connection... My feet are always like ice! And apparently my uterus isn't too keen on supporting a pregnancy because here I am in IF land. Thanks for giving me something to obsessively research for the next few days!!! hehe