Saturday, March 5, 2011

My week by the numbers

Hours worked: 48 (low for me!)
miles driven between work, appointments and meetings: 312 (high for me)
Number of doctors appointments: 3
Number of consecutive days with a migraine: 7
Number of loads of laundry: 3 (plus the 4 more I have waiting for me today)
Number of pounds gained: 3
Number of hours on the treadmill: 1 (I know, I know, must do more)
Number of hours spent on the phone with insurance, clinics, pharmacies and billing departments: 4.5
Number of people I talked to on the phone that were actually really helpful: 1
Amount of money spent on medications, appointments and ultrasounds $266 (way low for me)

Number of follicles discovered: 1 on the open tube side - and worth all the numbers above!

I'm really excited for this one!


  1. What a week ! Here's hope that your one is the one :) xo

  2. Yowsa! Those are some crazy numbers! Lots of luck with the follie!!!

  3. I only had 1 the cycle I got pregnant too! :) Swim spermies swim!

  4. Wow - impressive numbers! So excited about the follicle! I do hope those migraines let off soon though - ouch!