Friday, February 4, 2011

I. B. Inseminated

It's a little weird to think of myself as inseminated . . . but here I am . . . pumped up with washed and capacitated little swimmers. Inseminated sounds like I just signed up for a 6 year tour with the navy, not that I just took a 20% stab at making a baby.

I thought it would hurt - it didn't.  I thought I would get nervous - I didn't.  I thought there would be a lot of pomp and circumstance - there wasn't.  Just me, my RE, a couple mils of my husband's contribution and a syringe.  Thats it.  And the deed is done.  And now . . . we wait.

Ho hum.  Tic toc, tic toc.  Did I mention I am not good at this part.   Doctors are not patient people by nature.  I need to find a good 1.5 week focus - something that will keep me from eating and thinking too much.  Right before the pee tests are scheduled, the husband and I are going to take a few days off and spend some time together - it will be nice to just focus on each other and not to focus on the task at hand.

This whole process is so . . . un-sexy.  The ultrasound probing, the timed activities, the plastic cup, the drippy prometrium.  I know that everyone complains that during a marriage the bedroom stuff can go downhill, but I didn't think that this would have such power as a catalyst.    Its a good thing that I love my husband and that we haven't allowed this to define us - but I am sure its only a matter of time because the stress is there.  I can't even imaging how much more involved IVF is - in time, hormones, money and mostly emotion.  This whole thing can be so uplifting and draining at the same time.

So at this point I am home alone (husband is working all night) so I am going to curl up with my unsexy self, celebrate with a couple thin mints and a chick flick and send my chi to my pelvis.

For today - I am happy, hopeful and at peace.  Can't guarantee it will last until tomorrow, but I guess one day at a time . . . right?

Thank you for all your support.  I have appreciated the comments.


  1. My fingers are crossed for you!

  2. Hoping that Mr. Sperm and Ms. Egg meet and get to know eachother intimately.

    Good luck with the waiting, I know it's rough.

  3. It is a weird thing, isn't it? It seems like it should be such a momentous event and then it is just "ta da, it's done." I almost liked the IUIs I had where the doc had a hard time accessing my cervix more than the easy ones because it at least felt like we were DOING something.

    Wishing you much luck and many distractions.

  4. I have my fingers crossed for you! Also, I've named you for a blog award- check out my blog. :)

  5. Just over from "Just Me's" blog! JM named me for a blog too...but I'd love to be a follower of your blog too as I ALWAYS thought that an OB/GYN would be the HARDEST job to do while IF. I love your humour that you are a self-touted "Darwinian Failure"...that'd make two of us! All the best.

  6. And just read every post...I wish you the best as you endure the wretched tww after your IUI. And you're right...there's NOTHING sexy about ART. Nothing...and its quite alright to feel bummed about it. But there are MILLIONS just like you and we're all in the same boat together. I hope this cycle will allow you to grow kankles and just be humbly pg uncomfortable for the next 9 months. Take care.