Monday, February 21, 2011

discovery! (skip if you are squeemish)

Had my baseline ultrasound for follistim cycle 4 today and I had a revelation:

Before I go further I will say it has NEVER bothered me as a gynecologist to have a patient with menses - after all thats what I do.  But I will say that there is nothing that bothers me more as a patient than bleeding on things.  Seriously - other people's blood, no problem - doesn't even phase me.  But for some reason when it is my blood it is disgusting.

The other thing as  gynecologist is that I have had so much exposure to ultrasound gel over the years that it makes my hands itch like crazy - so to avoid walking around scratching parts of my body that are deemed socially unacceptable, I beg my RE to use surgilube on simon instead.  Problem is - its a bit drippy.

So after my ultrasound (and a half hour of sitting and waiting in the room pants-less without the aid of feminine hygiene products) we will just say that I was more than a bit gross.   I am usually a carrier of antibacterial hand wipes (yes I am OCD about hand cleaning) and I happened to buy the wrong pack last time and bought baby wipes instead.  Not so great for hand cleaning but OOOOHHHH SOOOO GOOD for today.  Lets just say I have never been more thankful for something labeled "baby".

So I hope my discovery has been helpful to someone out there - but sorry if I grossed you all out in the mean time!


  1. Interesting. I'm glad you said that as a doc you're not grossed by patient's bodily fluids. I was totally mortified when I did my SHG on day 3 and all the fluid gushed out of me. Mortified!!! Guess they've seen it all anyways.

    Good idea about the baby wipes! I'll have to try to remember that for next time.

  2. Good advice and glad to hear a dr say they're ocd about hand washing. Not gross to read at all. At this point I wouldn't be grossed out by anything written about feminine ...well...anything. Mucus, blood, name it, I'm here for you, sister.

  3. Good idea... I've got my first scan tomorrow (before starting stimulation) and am still having my withdrawal from the OCD phase - and thinking exactly the same thing today. Don't like the thought of my blood going anywhere during the scan... despite being a doctor myself too :(

  4. It is nice to hear that you don't care about those "fluids" from patients. When I first started getting scanned I was always stressed about it. Now? Eh, whatever.

  5. My first ever baseline, the RE pulled the wand out with a flourish, and the blood SPLASHED on the floor! EEK! I was absolutely mortified. And grossed out.