Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dear tube

Dear Ms. Fallopian R. Tube.

I know you and I have not had the best working relationship over the past few months.  After learning that you were someone who could potentially betray me I just haven't been able to trust that you will work.  I am not normally an angry boss, but since I never did anything to hurt you I am disappointed by your previous performance on the HSG.  I don't feel like I should fire you,  you still have a job to do, and you are the only one who can do this job.  Maybe that makes me desperate or maybe it gives you the opportunity to come through in the clutch.

You tend to overreact.  I do not really believe that you are actually under that much pressure from the external world and I hope you are not closed to new experiences.  I guess I just want to say that I am counting on you.  Please be on your best behavior over the next few days and I promise not to try to blow you open with dye or cannulas.

Remember that I am counting on you.




  1. Let us know what her response to this heart felt plea is :)

  2. LOL. Love this. Go, tube, go!!!

  3. I highly recommend talking to the cup of sperm on your way to the IUI, also. :) I'm sure that's the reason why mine worked.

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