Saturday, December 18, 2010


SO another thing my acupuncturist said is that I should be embracing any opportunity to be around pregnant women and babies.  But I am really wondering if my psychiatrist would say the same*.  Sometimes what I do for a living can be really fun . . . and sometimes it is just a little slice of torture.

Most people think this is the happiest specialty in medicine.  How wonderful it us to be around all these growing families with their cute little newborns.  I am very happy for them but I do wonder when it will be my turn.  I come home to an empty house and sit down to make a baby shower gift for my friend and its a really empty feeling.

*if I had one . . . probably need one :)

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  1. It must be difficult to be around pregnant women or new mothers every day, even if it is part of your job. Interesting what the acupuncturist says about embracing any opportunity to be around pregnant women, I have suffered 4 miscarriages and the thought of hanging around all those beautiful bellies is torture in my mind :-(