Wednesday, December 29, 2010


First of all . . . thank you Celine Dion.   You may not be my favorite singer but THANK YOU for your honesty about your infertility.

What is it about the hollywood headlines - everyone seems to announce their engagement and pregnancy at the same time.  Natalie Portman, Alicia Keys, Amy Adams . ..  seriously . . . do any of them actually get married before the babies anymore?  Although maybe when marriages are so short lived as they are in hollywood it doesn't matter and their way of selecting a mate is seeing firsthand if infertility will be an issue.

Those that don't remarkably have beautiful fraternal twins with no mention that they ever had any difficulty whatsoever.  (Thank you Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and now Mariah Carey).  Please just admit it.  You had some trouble . . . had the money . . . and are now lucky to have your little 2 bundles of joy.  Nobody wants to admit it . . . except Celine.  Ahhh makes me want to purchase my heart will go on on itunes even though I cant bear to listen.

And Kelley Preston?  Come on . . .  you are 48.  Do you really expect anyone to believe that you conceived naturally?  At least Neil Patrick Harris and Elton John are not denying they had surrogates.

Why are we all so ashamed to admit it?  Including me . . . I can't seem to bring myself to tell everyone at work.  Maybe its because I don't want people asking how its going. . . . because obviously it is going slowly if not poorly.  Maybe because I am the only one at work without kids and I know most everyone had very spontaneous and easy pregnancies.  Maybe because it is embarrassing that I know this much about the process but cant seem to make it happen for myself.

They will all know eventually if I ever succeed.  My colleges will inevitably see my chart and how I managed to conceive.  Some of them have already seen my name "pop up" on the infertility clinic schedule.  If I have a sab or a rule out ectopic they will know.  Like hollywood, not much privacy here, although I will miss out on having a publicist make my contrived announcements about how I managed to have spontaneous fraternal twins.

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