Thursday, December 16, 2010


Yes I go to an acupuncturist.  Don't get me wrong . . . I am a physician trained in allopathic medicine.  I believe in things proven by science.  Hormones, lab values, studies . . . this is my personal religion.  But eastern medicine has been doing infertility for hundreds of years while follistim was only a very recent option.  

I am completely naive about the eastern medicine and chinese herbs but I'm just kind of sittin' back and going for it.  My providers chit chat about slow thin liver pulses and deficiency of blood and release of heat.  Totally unintelligible to me but they sound like they know what's going on.  So anyway today I got my "chi aligned" and I always feel really good after . . . maybe its just that its the only time I get to just lay and relax . . . even though there are needles sticking out of various parts of my body.

Maybe this is how foreign it feels to everyone else going through infertility treatments, but I hope not.  I hope that everyone out there has a good enough doctor to explain what it is they are doing and why.  Goodness knows I am always asking my REI crazy questions.  Half the time she looks at me with a face like "shouldn't you know this already?"  and the other half of the time they are looks of "if you can't answer that question I don't know how you expect me to" . . . but she always tries to answer my crazy "what if's" and "what do you think about this" questions.

The funny thing is both my REI and my acupuncturist remind me of Disney characters.  They are both so stinkin' cute and really really excitable and positive.  But they both believe that this will work, they both believe that it will happen.  I guess I can trust my doctors . . . all of them . . . and maybe I need to be a little more positive too.  (but the bitter suits me so well!)

Speaking of bitter . . . . can I just say that the herbs are the worst tasting yucky things with terrible aftertaste.  I tried a little Julie Andrew's spoonful of sugar but it did not make the medicine go down - however marshmallows worked better!  Sure hope they are working because they are quite pricy and not at all tasty.

PS: next sono tomorrow.  I'm feeling really positive about my ovaries tonight.  I almost never feel positive about those buggers but I'm hoping for a little follicle action!

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