Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hormones (not) making me crazy

I had heard horror stories about "fertility drugs made me go crazy".  Granted. .. . maybe I am a bit nutty at baseline but I think being on follistim is about the most normal I have felt in a while.  I don't feel any side effects at all - is that odd?

Don't get me wrong. I have been legitimately nuts in the past.  A few years ago got put on some prednisone and I became unbearable to live with.  Every time I go on progesterone I cry when I see a hallmark commercial.  Interestingly clomid made me very angry - to the point where my boss thought I was mad at him.

And then there is the food.  Every time I have been on provera it makes me ravenous and obsessed.  Each "cycle" I seem to choose a food or sometimes many of them!  I've had cheese obsessions, marathons of cooking salmon, egg frenzies and sweet teeth.

Right now I am actually loosing weight.  I am partially doing it intentionally . . . to try to make the PCOS better . . . but I'm doing it now because it is the easiest it has been in a while.   Yes I know its the holidays and we are all supposed to be eating, but I feel really physically normal with my appetite for once which makes this soooooo much easier.  I'm sure I will gain some back with the marathon eating at christmas but for now at least I'm fitting into my skinny jeans . . . and I am not crazy at all.

No wonder my husband seems happy!

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