Monday, December 27, 2010

los nips esta en fuego

Seriously, how does anyone not know they are preggers.  All it takes is a little hcg shot and I've got two sensors on the front of my body that not only hurt but they can detect barometric pressure shifts.  (prediction: its gonna rain tonite).  I knew last time that I was unsuccessful days before the little lack of pink line because all of a sudden I was no longer in touch with what was going on inside my shirt.

But on a happy note - released 2 little eggs into the world yesterday.  They were a bit under-prepared and may not do well in the harsh world that is my body.  First they are going to navigate the "not sure if its opened or just spasmed on the hsg" tube.  Then they will find some happy little swimmers waiting for them who will jump in and help them along to the bouncy fluffy bed of endometrium.  There they will snuggle up in their little decidual covers and get to work on making a home that they will eventually grow out of.  (can you tell I am trying optimism on for size?)

I took a picture on christmas of my stomach hoping that it will be the last time I see it so thin.  Some bloating this time but no where near as bad as the hyperstim last time (yet .. . .okay so I couldn't remain all positive for long.)

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