Monday, December 12, 2011

Hello Viability!

Well . . . I can officially start calling her a baby.  She is officially in survivability age and is still where she should be.  My cervix, is still hanging on at its slightly stumpy measurement, and my contractions - well they are still there too but many less of the take-your-breath-away type.

I have been a good girl too.  When you are in training for any type of surgical speciality its all about how many hours you can go without peeing/eating/or doing anything but concentrating on your task at hand.  Residency is not only a training for the speciality - it is a training of the body and mind that can make you focus so hard on something that 6 hours can pass without noticing.  This is the first time I am breaking that - I get up 30 minutes early to hydrate before I get out of bed.  I get to work early so I can walk slowly to my clinic so I wont contract.  I snack and hydrate and pee between patients, and I keep my feet up secretly under the desk.  Overall this seems to keep my uterus and my "baby" (still sounds weird to me) happy.

I am on a vacation day right now baking some cookies and relaxing.  I was supposed to join my best friend in a trip to disney with her 2 and 5 year old girls, but I thought better of it.  I can really think of nothing more fun than going with them, but fortunately when I backed out from contractions, my friend was the most understanding person.  She herself had very similar contractions - very bad when she was working but without cervical change - and she ppromed at 34 wk.  Its nice to have her to talk to about it, and nice that there is someone who is reassuring but at the same time doesn't try to tell me that everything is going to be perfect which is the response that I get from everyone in my specialty.

And can I just say thank goodness for online christmas shopping.  Holy cow the internet is saving me.  I went to the grocery store last night because I ran out of flour and carrying 5 lb of flour in 2 bags back to the car was really pushing it.  I cant imagine going to a mall at this point - let alone lugging gifts.

So things are great here so far.  Despite the issues and the worry, I am really loving this and really excited that I can admit that I am going to actually have a baby.


  1. It's time to breathe a sigh of happy you've crossed the viability's hoping she'll stay cooking for another 14-16 weeks :)

  2. that's great news!

  3. So damn exciting. Viability is a huge milestone!!

  4. Congrats on viability and yay for figuring out how to make sure you're taking care of yourself!!

  5. Hello Baby! Glad you've made it this far but stay in for another 14 weeks. Then come out when mommy tells you to. A very Merry Christmas to you this year!

  6. Yay! for viability!!! Here's to as many more weeks as you can squeeze in.