Thursday, December 8, 2011

the duggars

Just was looking on yahoo and the top story is that Michelle Duggar had a miscarriage - and a second trimester miscarriage at that.

I got really teary when I read that.  While it is partially my hormones going, I feel that it is so sad for her and her family. No matter how many kids you have it is still a big loss and to have to go through it so publicly must be torture.

I feel a little guilty because I was the one who ranted when I found out she was pregnant again - but my wishes really were for her to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child.  Any miscarriage is a tragedy - and despite all my infertility issues - it is one that I have so far been spared.  I am very thankful for that but very sympathetic to pregnancy loss.  I wish her and her family the best.


  1. I also was one who ranted about her pregnancy - but also did not and would not wish this one anyone. My heart breaks for them and they are in my prayers tonight.

  2. That's heartbreaking. I feel a little guilty too.

  3. yeah - and no one deserves to have to DELIVER a 16-week fetus...