Wednesday, December 21, 2011

100 days left! (hopefully)

I am officially 100 days from my due date.

I am feeling pretty proud of myself and pretty optimistic.  Contractions are more manageable (although I have my good and bad days).  Work is more sane manageable because with the holidays nobody wants surgery this week and several of my patients decided they don't want to come to clinic.  (Who wants a pap 4 days before christmas?  If it was me and I still had shopping to do I would skip the appointment too!)  And I have a whole 4 days coming up over the next 2 weeks to sit around and enjoy the company of others.

This christmas is going to be a little sparse.  I couldn't stand up to bake too much so everyone gets a couple cookies instead of a plate.  Almost all holiday shopping was conducted with my feet up from I never finished putting up my decorations. Wrapping - does an cardboard box count?  I guess I could put a bow on it.  But I will say its going to be a very merry christmas anyway.

Its our last christmas as a couple - although really this little one pound peanut is the complete center of our lives already.  So 100 days to the fully cooked date - I'm becoming a better baker/incubator and I think my uterus appreciates the reduced activity.  I can sooo do this for 100 more days.


  1. congratulations on making it this far , that 100 days are gonna fly by so fast!