Sunday, November 20, 2011


Well - I cant sleep.  My schedule is a bit screwed up right now.  Since I have dropped some work (and a good chunk of my regular income) in favor of sitting around more . . .  lets just say I am no where near as tired as I normally am.  This is good for the cleanliness of my house and the progress of the afghan I am knitting.  It is however bad for the online shopping for baby stuff that I am doing.  (mattress here, swing there).  It is all worth it however to my uterus which has quieted down nicely.

So anyway, juno is on and its just one of those movies that makes me smile.  Of course I identify with the jennifer garner character's situation, but I really love the interactions between Juno and her parents.  I have this thing for stories of teenagers and supportive parents - possibly because if I have ever ended up in any kind of trouble I am pretty sure that my parents would not have been supportive at all.  (It was the end of the world once when I got a B - I can't imagine how they would have reacted if I ever had a real problem).

So while I can certainly see the viewpoint of the type A woman who so desperately wants to be a mother, the mother I admire is the the step mother cutting out the magazine pictures of dogs and the one to yell at the ultrasonographer that makes an inappropriate comment to my daughter.  The parent that is there to take care of her and help her.

I hope I'm good at this.


  1. My great-niece was named Juno after the girl in the movie. She just celebrated her first birthday on Friday and is the happiest little girl in the world!!! Congrats on everything going along so well, and don't feel bad about that online shopping! Just think of how long you've waited to do it!

  2. I love that movie! When I first watched it I wasn't infertile and when I watched it for the second time I was, I expected to hate it and instead still loved it. It makes light of some of the things we are, "baby starved wing-nuts", but also gives you some respect for what the teen moms have to go through to help us create families. I also love love the movie Easy A and the relationship she has with her parents, I would love to have a relationship like that with my teens someday.

    PS I'm glad your uterus has calmed down!

  3. i never watched tht movie i must check it out one of these days.
    i think its a great idea tht ur not working as much i plan to do the same if my ivf is successful, and yayy to the uterus.