Thursday, November 3, 2011


Something tells me that work may be short lived.

I worked sunday night, a 10 hour day monday, got called in the middle of the night monday, worked a 10 hour day tuesday and my uterus had enough.  I guess it was my signal that I need to limit things a bit.

While I appreciate the advance notification that I pushed things a little too far, I would like to tell my uterus that it can stop now.  Message received - loud and clear.  I had been cramping on and off since before the beta, but not like this.

Weird how a muscle can have such a mind of its own.  Now I am contracting every time I do pretty much anything.  Stand up - contract.  Lay down - contract. Change positions - you betcha, Restroom - check.  Seriously uterus?  I am only 18 weeks.  I got a long time to go here and you need to simmer down now.

While I am still technically okay - my cervix is definitely shorter than it was before.  I get it rechecked in 2 weeks and the B word was mentioned as a possibility.  I am taking the day as a vacation day, but I return to work tomorrow.

Everyone asks me how long I am going to work - all I am saying is "as long as I can" but that may not be as long as I thought.


  1. Yes, this pg business is scary. Its tough to put everything on hold just to incubate...but I know you know that you are already doing the biggest job on earth...growing a little miss/mr. So no need to push yourself. Take it easy!

  2. Nerve-wrecking! Sending thoughts of a long closed cervix your way!

  3. I know what it's like to want to/have to work as long as you can. Being on bed rest would be a huge pain for many reasons. But I have to tell you - after delivering pre-maturely, finding out about my incompetant cervix, and losing my babies at 20 weeks - it's worth taking the time off that you need. Trust me. If it will help, do what you can. Maybe there was nothing I could do...but maybe you can prevent something.

    Or maybe everything will be perfectly fine at your next appointment and there will be no bed rest.

    good luck


  4. Take it easy and take care.

  5. Oof. Haven't commented in awhile, but man I always seem to have you on my mind. Hang in there and rest when your body is telling you to rest. I hope you get to feeling better soon. You have a lot of us out here praying for you! *hug*

  6. I definitely understand the desire to want to work as long as possible -- and the denial of thinking that you'll need to take time off earlier. But, it sounds like you know you need to do what is best! Hopefully contractions will ease up soon!