Wednesday, November 9, 2011

20 kids and counting . . . really?

I find the Duggars personally offensive.

They are probably very nice people with very nice children, but I find their number of children obscene and their attitude about it naive.  Is there a twinge of jealousy for the fertility that she has - yes, absolutely.  How wonderful it must be to be able to have the family of your dreams.  But really . . .  20?  

They just keep re-iterating that it is up to god with really irritates me because if it was up to god I would never be able to have a family at all.  Is that because they are so wonderful and god loving and I am such a terrible person that I am not worthy of a child?  It just accentuates the unfairness of it all.  The further problem that I have with it is that they seem to keep saying is that god will tell them when to stop - but things didn't go so well last time with the very preterm birth of their youngest daughter due to preeclampsia.  If it were not for good medical care - there would have been no mom and baby at the end of it.  Perhaps that was the message.

I am really hoping for the sake of their unborn child that everything goes well for them and that it is born healthy and mom does well, but if I was her OB I would have advised her against another pregnancy with her possible complications and multiple previous sections.  I understand that some people don't believe in birth control, but I am pretty sure that abstinence is an option endorsed by the big guy. (At least thats what they taught me in religion class growing up.)

Sure these are my personal values and they have theirs and there is no right or wrong answer here.  This is just how it makes me feel coming from the totally opposite perspective.  I wish them well, but I am rooting for the little couple more.


  1. Agreed...100%. Not to mention that JimBob and whatever her name is couldn't possible care for all of them, so you have kids partnering (aka raising) kids. And that screws them up in the long run. So sad from a number of perspectives if you ask me. God forbid one of their children are infertile.

  2. My sentiments, exactly! I find it hard to believe she is pregnant with the assistance of ART. How her uterus is still intact is beyond me. She had her last baby at 25 weeks and I think it is a disservice to her family to put her and her unborn child at such high risk with a history like that. She still acts like she is not done. I am also rooting for the little couple.

  3. i know, i can't stand them - not because she's really fertile, but just the whole god gave us these children crap... duh what about the part where you had sex with jimbob (eww).
    and i agree - there was a clear message last time! another message is when you kids start having kids!

  4. I have to say, I'm with you on this. Especially about how the sentiment "leaving it up to God" leaves so many of us just out in the cold.


  5. Totally and completely with you on this. I saw a clip for the show last night and thought she must be pregnant again as they were eluding to an "announcement". Seriously, how is it that her uterus is not falling out of her body? My Mom has issues and she only had 5 kids. What bugs me a lot (and I can't say the most because it all bugs me) is the child parenting issue. My oldest sister harbors a lot of resentment for semi-parenting us younger siblings. She's in her late 50's and this still bothers her. What they are doing to their children in my eyes is essentially taking away their childhood. They make me sick. That may sound harsh but I feel rather strongly about these people.

  6. ARgh! Are you freakin kidding me? 20 children! That is OBSCENE. I certainly hope that "God will provide" when there are 10 billion people on this planet (slated to happen within 60 years) and not enough clean drinking water, energy, food... oh wait, there already isn't enough of those things!! Seriously I am having major personal guilt about having a second child given how overpopulated our planet is... what goes on in people's heads?????

    And I totally agree with Steph about child-as-parents... completely unfair!

    btw I really enjoy your blog. Sorry my very first comment was a grumpy one :)

  7. I completely agree - fertile jealously aside, it is so unfair to force their children to raise all those siblings :( and especially considering all the complications last time - so sad. I also disagree with their extreme beliefs that women should not work outside the home or be permitted to go to college. What a messed up life philosophy

  8. I try and try not to judge them but I truly can't help it. It just makes me nuts.

    My parents sometimes go to home school conferences to sell curriculum materials that their company develops and my mom talks about all the giant group families that are there and that the families see the Duggars as rock stars. It just scares me.

  9. My feelings exactly, right down to the part about rooting for The Little Couple more!