Wednesday, October 26, 2011

coming out

so I am starting to tell people . . . but I admit it is weird

I am getting questions I haven't really been ready for

"how long are you going to work for?"  hadn't really thought about that.  I mean ideally I would like to feel great and work up to my due date.  But lets face it, this may not be a straightforward pregnancy and I have a physically demanding job. (I don't really sit down for more than 5-10 minutes at a time and there are some very long OR days and call nites.)

Heres another thing I wan't prepped for:  My work will not grant me paid maternity leave.

wasn't expecting that one.  I have been told that I can use my vacation time and my sick leave, but after that . . . I'm on my own.  I think this is supposed to motivate me to come back faster.  Thanks but no thanks.  I am taking the longest amount of time that I can.  I have been waiting too long for this.  If I have to eat top ramen to stay home with my baby, so be it.

What it does mean is that I need to work as long as I can, and I should probably pick up extra shifts if I can.  Not easy because physical activity makes me contract, and contracting makes me paranoid.

There is definitely a balance to reach here and I haven't figured out what that is yet. I guess time will tell.

Until then I wonder if I can make a living blogging?

just kidding :)


  1. How crazy that your work won't give you paid maternity leave!! There is something very wrong about an OB not even being able to get maternity leave. UGH. I hope you can add it all up so you can take off as much as possible!

  2. My work (Peds) also does not pay for maternity, but they do offer a 6 week short term disability policy for providers that pays about 5k for the whole 6 week maternity leave (a little more for c/s since its usually 8 week clearance). It's nothing compared to our salary, but it is something, Crazy. I was convinced that I needed to move to Denmark....they are the happiest people in the world and the gov't pays for a year maternity leave - fulling f'ing pay!!! Then I realized how stinking cold it is there and stuck with ramen! :)

  3. I have never worked anywhere that pays for maternity leave, which is total crap. We had to make a lot of cutbacks with our budget. Good luck, you guys will figure something out!

  4. Move to Canada, it's not that cold, we don't get full pay, but $1900/month at max leave for 1 year is certainly nothing to shake a stick at. You don't need to learn a new language, you get free healthcare for you and your family - Plus, Quebec has funded IVF for your next kid and Ontario should have it soon too!