Thursday, October 13, 2011

the really good news and the kind of frustrating news

I got a message yesterday "Hi... this is so-and-so from the genetics center here at the big old university hospital . . . can you please give me a call because we may need to cancel your amnio tomorrow."


So I called back.  I had dropped off my 2nd trimester sample for the screening program a week ago.  Apparently my hormones are more normal now which dropped the downs risk to 1/340.  This is the most awesome news I could have hoped for.  (I happen to refer a decent amount of patients there myself and I know the genetic counselor from many patient interactions.  We had a very frank discussion after my nuchal that this does not happen often to have a risk drop so much on further analysis.)

Problem is - I dropped below the screening cutoff for an amnio to be paid for by the program.  So now they don't think there will be enough time for them to get authorization from my insurance company for the amnio.  And technically since I will be the age 34.97 at the time of delivery (due date is a couple days before my birthday), I do not qualify for an amnio automatically.

uuuuughhhh (frustration)

Interestingly this is not a screening results I would have gotten an amnio for before. But now after 4 weeks of stressing out over this - I kind of feel like it may be the only way to get some comfort and reassurance.

"well . . . you could wait another week for the authorization to come through"

seriously?  I am already laughably hiding this and 16 wk tomorrow.  If I have to wait another week I will be almost 17 and then about 19 by the time results come back. (which is kind of late to make any decisions) Now at this point, after making it this far,  I am not sure I would change anything even if it did come back abnormal.  But at this point I mentally need the information so I can prepare myself for whatever.

They offered the suggestion that I could pay for it myself, but 2K seems a little steep.  even though its a lot less than the IVF, it still isn't pocket change if the funding may come through at a later time.

So I guess we will see if I get my amnio or not - I get to show up and wait for them to get authorization.

Overall I am still happy, just not really reassured yet.


  1. First off - that is really awesome news about the new risk calculation!!! I'm so glad to see that!

    I hope you get the amnio figured out. Incredibly frustrating that such tiny differences like birthdays can make it so hard to get it scheduled!

  2. I'm so glad to hear the the risk is now lower, I've been thinking about you a lot lately. Hopefully the amnio issue will be resolved soon, maybe then you'll be able to relax a little.
    Thinking of you!

  3. It's the same old infertility game: some great news surrounded by a whole bunch of frustration.