Monday, August 1, 2011

well at least my ovary is growing

My ghagnormous ovaries have been a problem throughout this entire process.  They were pretty huge at the time of the retrieval and the transfer.  That along with all of the other issues/meds at that time - well I was pretty bloated.

But now its getting a little out of control.  My left ovary is stuck to my anterior abdominal wall because of my previous surgery and lets just say that when I lie down I have been able to see/feel the little bulge.  Well over the past week its been continuing to get bigger and bigger.

I have no idea if this little pregnancy has continued to exist give my complete disappearance of symptoms, but I am sure that my ovary is there and thriving.

Its at the point where I look easily 20 weeks pregnant because its almost to my navel- and I don't think this is just bloating anymore.  I think this is all one ovary - Its taking up my entire pelvis and I can't really hide it.  People are going to start asking if I am pregnant - I may have to come up with some creative stories because I hope the answer is still yes.

Needless to say I moved up my ultrasound appointment to tomorrow.   I can't take the waiting anymore and I feel that I have a good excuse.  All this is not really a complaint - if there is a little sac tomorrow I don't care at all what it feels like, how I look or anything else.  Im just a little worried medically about how big this ovary is getting and what it could do in a pregnancy or how long it could take to get rid of if I have FET #1 in my future.  The honest truth is that I am a lot worried that there is not going to be anything inside the uterus - because thats all I really care about at this point.

crossing fingers.


  1. Thinking of you today and hopng that there a beautifully developing sac in there. S sorry for the giant ovary!!

  2. Sending you well wishes for the ultrasound! Keep us posted...

  3. I am glad you moved up your ultrasound appointment. It is horrible to have to wait. Good luck! I hope you see your little sac.