Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I've got a sac!!!

Its still there and I can see it! - a little small for what it should be but within the range of acceptable.  I walked into that appointment completely thinking it was all over - like I couldn't possibly have made it this far.  Like I wasn't deserving of really being pregnant.

The head trip that I put myself through.  Not sure why I torture myself.  Maybe its self defense or maybe I think to much.  Probably a lot of all of it.

But its there - the rest doesn't matter.  Yes I have ovaries up to my belly button with so many cysts she couldn't even count them - but I guess that the only real sign of pregnancy I have - the fact that they keep responding and growing to the HCG.  My RE was shocked by the scan and apologized after she looked at my abdomen for how I must feel.  I just looked back at her and told her as long as I saw that little sac it didn't matter how uncomfortable I feel.

I will take it - take it all.  I want it that bad.  And maybe thats the biggest reason of why I am so worried, because I know how much it all means.


  1. Yay for a sac!!! I think IF screws with your head so much -- after so much disappointment and knowing that, no matter how much you want this it doesn't seem to happen, it's hard to accept when it does that it is all ok. Sending lots of great thoughts that it continues to be ok!

    And, so sorry for the continued pain!

  2. Congrats! Such great news!

  3. Great news!! So happy for you! hope all continues well with baby and that you get some relief from those cysts!

  4. Good for you! Hope you ovaries feel better.

  5. Wonderful!! Here's to HOPE!

  6. Congrats to you! Yay! Hope you start feeling better soon.