Thursday, August 11, 2011

one way to get back at a pregnant person

I have discovered something from the other side that I wish I knew a year ago.  Silent but awesome way to quietly torture a smug preggo . . . .

wear a lot of bad perfume.

I have seriously always hated perfume.  I think there is nothing more offensive than someone who wears too much.  I would rather sit next to a dude with the worst BO than to sit next to a woman that think she smells good.

I ask - If its socially unacceptable to go around having your music audible to everyone, why do I have to smell you?

Now with my very keen sense of smell - perfume is driving me batty.  I went to the doctors for my ultrasound and there was a 60 ish woman in the elevator that stunk up the whole place.  If she was a little younger or I was less happy I would have asked her to take the stairs.  I literally plugged my nose and made my husband laugh.

SO anyway - if you ever want to be a little subtle and make your smug pregnant acquaintance slightly uncomfortable - theres your answer.


  1. I am one of the lucky ones that ends up with dog nose and hyperemesis when I'm pregnant. I was at a department store when some lady was shopping nearby me- wearing a vat of perfume, or so it seemed. It was not pretty. So I feel your pain. Here's to many more dog nosed days for you ! :)

  2. Um, every month I get like that for a few days. Let's just say it is part of my monthly confirmation of NOT being preggers. For a while it got so bad that I had to have a doctor's note saying that I could not be around coworkers who used scented products. Oh, and the cleanser aisle at the grocery store? I can smell it as soon as I walk in the door. At least you have a sensitive nose for a purpose!

  3. My husband is like that on a regular basis. I used a slightly different face cream one night and, an hour later, he got into bed with me and started coughing. And, by slightly different, I mean a different "unscented" face cream!!

    But, truly, I can't stand when people are overly perfumed.

  4. yeah, are you ok? Where'd you go?

  5. missing your posts. Hope you're doing alright...and anxiously awaiting some sort of update...

  6. I'm worried about you. Please give us an update.

  7. Yes, we so hope, regardless of the circumstances, that you are taking care.